We provide quality

Our Processes are summarised as follows. 

We specialise in retail and residential design & construction and we have completed projects all over the Kenya including East, Central and South African Region.


Creating a truly engaging experience is no longer optional. We delve deep into the brand and its environment to ensure that the end result genuinely entices your client.  

  • Discovery

Combining shared information and our own research, immerse ourselves in your brand, consumer and market to discover key insights.

  • Direction

We combine this knowledge with our extensive experience to create recommendations that guarantee results.


Here we combine our thirst to innovate with our engineering expertise to create a dynamic space that is geared to perform.  

  • Retail & Brand Identity

The art of translating a brand's essence into either a three dimensional space or a brand identity; here we create the rules that will optimise engagement.

  • Concept Management

We carefully adapt the concept to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities provided by each individual space.


Driven by our engineering heritage, we ensure that every creative intention is executed as we bring the space to life. We work in a way that achieves our perfect balance between budget and finish.  

  • Manufacture

Known for high quality standards, our skilled and diverse team create impactful sites that are built to last.

  • Installation

We ensure that the site is efficiently and meticulously executed so that the launch day can be enjoyed by all those involved.