Our factory in Nairobi’s Industrial Area is at the heart of our business, where tireless attention to detail allows us to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

This factory base not only allows us to produce, store and distribute across the Africa, but gives us a solid practical understanding of engineering and logistics, allowing us to co-ordinate and control implementation anywhere in the region. 

We Manufacture

As we are constantly aspiring to design retail experiences that attract high footfall, we need to manufacture environments that can handle the pressure.

Wherever appropriate the manufacturing team will consult strategists and designers involved in the earlier stages to ensure that store interiors come to life exactly as intended.

Though there are always ways to make furniture cheaper we aim to work with our clients towards to a point at which we find the correct balance between value and durability. Whether it is a Point of Sale Unit, a factory outlet, a retail concession, a pop-up, a mall store or something completely different we will ensure that the equipment provided will do the brand proud for the entire life of the identity.

Cost engineering, designing flexibility into the space and making sure each element is manufactured to perform all work to make sure that we offer the best possible value no matter the location.

You would be hard pushed to name a place that we have not implemented retail furniture. When working in different countries around the globe we offer our clients a variety of options, allowing them to make an informed decision when it comes to cost, as well as wider practical considerations.

We install

In the final part of the process it is our project management and logistics teams who carefully plan to ensure that everything comes together smoothly.

Our previous knowledge and experience of working within stores, malls, towns and cities means that we are very unlikely to find ourselves in a situation that we have not already had to find a way to handle.

Care and attention are absolutely key in making sure that you have the peace of mind to enjoy what can be one of the most exciting parts of the journey; opening the doors for the first time.

Though carefully selected materials will limit the ongoing upkeep required, we leave you with all the tools that your team need to take care of the space and can offer any assistance with flexibility, seasonal updates, product launches or maintenance of your retail environment.

Ready to do things properly?

If you are looking for assistance with store design, or would simply like to gain an insight into how Illumine can help your brand’s retail initiative take shape and prosper. Call us today.