Quickmart Supermarket

Quickmart is a homegrown and one of the leading supermarkets in Kenya with over 50 outlets in 13 counties that prides itself in delivering exceptional customer experience every time while providing its shoppers with a variety of goods. Our illumine international team of architects, interior designers, project managers, and product designer were contracted with one end goal of constructing a neighbourhood supermarket that would not only be convenient stop-shop but also a unique shopping experience. When our team was contracted to design and build Quickmart store plus redo the interior for new shops, we worked with the customers in mind and how shopping in these supermarkets would influence their day to day activities. We designed the interior to ensure easy access of the customers and the environment for shopping to be more convenient for its customers.
Year : 2017 to date Company : Quickmart Ltd Project Name : Quickmart Branches Countrywide Location : Nairobi, Kenya